On order to accomplish program’s tasks, nine specialized technical teams were formed, including more than /120/ specialists and engineers from all involved agencies. These teams are headed by the concerned agencies as per its specialties. The teams are:
Buildings Team, headed by The Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, and participation of /10/ agencies. Transportation Team, headed by Saudi Aramco, and participation of /7/ agencies. Industry Team, headed by Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, and participation of /7/ agencies. Media Team, headed by Ministry of Culture and Media, and participation of /6/ agencies. Financing Team, headed by Ministry of Finance, and participation of /12/ agencies. Energy Services Companies Team, supervised by Financing Team headed by Ministry of Finance, and participation of /6/ agencies. Inspection, Examination, and Authorization Team, headed by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, and participation of /4/ agencies. Urban Planning Team, headed by Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, and participation of /6/ agencies. Saudi Program System for rationalization and enhancement of energy consumption Team, and its requirements of systems including governance, supervised by Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and participation of /4/ agencies. These technical teams work in accordance with a specific approach, in order to be able to prepare program’s initiatives and execution mechanisms, by holding weekly workshops for the technical teams. Moreover, they conduct studies in cooperation with the most prominent international experts and consultative technical companies on energy rationalization subjects, in order to develop the best possible initiatives to achieve the requirements of rationalizing energy consumption in Saudi Arabia. As an example: develop Saudi building code (for rationalizing energy, department 601), and studying the current status of petrochemicals, cement, steel fields, as well as vehicle fuel consumption levels, and others).
These technical teams shall organize, in cooperation with the national and international private sector companies (such as transportation importers and manufacturers, and Air conditioning importers and manufacturers), and the governmental agencies, workshops to evaluate the possibility of implementing energy consumption rationalization initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the teams shall held monthly meetings with the subcommittee of the Saudi Program for Energy Efficiency, to review and follow up the progress achieved by the technical teams and provide them with the required support, as well as check the initiatives. The Administrative Committee of Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (Board of Directors) shall held regular meetings to follow up the subcommittee accomplishments, and authorize the suggested program of the subcommittee throughout next periods.
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