Awareness-raising in educational schools

Saudi Energy Efficiency Center intends, within its strategic goals, to develop a general awareness among all groups of the local community for the importance of rationalizing and raising the energy-efficiency production and consumption in the KSA. Among the most important targeted groups are the age group 6-12 years, as well as the groups after 12-18 years.

There is no doubt that, the most important pillars targeting such age group, the school environment in all its educational stages (primary - intermediate - secondary), which would greatly help in achieving the goals of developing and raising awareness of this important group to grow by knowledge in a systematic manner that leads to new behaviors in the future contributes to increasing awareness about energy efficiency and its rationalization.

Since its establishment, the Center has started to develop various educational programs targeting this category, there has been successful programs through which we have witnessed great interaction by educational providers and their employees and students, where several tools were used awareness-raising means for reaching students.

The Center specialists are currently working on an initiative concerned with raising awareness in general education schools and develop sustainable raising awareness programs for school students, as follows:


Description of initiative:

Sustained awareness programs targeting public education students (primary, middle and high schools in KSA) on the importance of energy rationalization and its positive impact on the family and society.


The purpose of the initiative

Raise awareness among public education students about the importance of rationalizing energy consumption and enhancing their positive attitudes and behaviors.