High Efficiency AC Initiative

Official statistics confirm that air conditioners of different types consume more than half of the electrical energy produced in the Kingdom. Additionally, the penetration of high-efficiency air conditioners is low compared to other types, especially for those that are manufactured locally.

Thus various government agencies joined forces to rationalize the energy consumed by air conditioners through applying international standards to all domestic and imported air conditioners to increase their efficiency. These efforts culminated in the adoption of the National Initiative for High-Efficiency Air Conditioners, which aims to stimulate the local production of these devices as well as motivate citizens to purchase high efficiency ACs.

  • Allocation of Air conditioner for every citizen:

Every Saudi citizen of 21 years old and above is eligible in the initiative

  • Capacities and incentives:

900 SAR

1.5 tons (18K BTU)

900 SAR

2 tons (24K BTU)

All air conditioners included in the initiative are high efficiency, with an energy efficiency ratio of 13 EER and above.


For more details about the High Efficiency ACs initiative, please visit our website: https://heac.gov.sa