Project For Energy Audits In Commercial Facilities

An overview of the Project : 

The commercial sector is considered one of the sectors that consume a significant amount of energy which represents %15.7 of the total energy consumption in the KSA and the project aims to improve the energy efficiency consumption in the commercial sector through preparing and designing a commercial sector consumption fact base and implementing energy audits following ASHRAE standards level 1 for fifty commercial facilities and level 2 for twenty facilities. A final report summarizing the results of the study will be shared with the facilities owners.


Project Phases

  1.    Fact base
  2.    ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audits for 50 Facilities
  3.    ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits for 20 Facilities  


Pilot Project Road Map


  • Registration

The project journey begins with the registration of interested facility owners by filling out the form (click here ) on the center's web page.

  • Selection

The center's technical team will analyze the submitted applications and select those qualified for the pilot project based on the quality of the provided data.

  • Notification

The center will inform the selected facilities through letters asking them to appoint a contact person from the Operations and Maintenance Department.

  • Meeting

workshops will be conducted with all parties to explain the workflow process in a detailed and accurate way.

  • Energy Audits

The energy audits of selected facilities will include a brief interview with the maintenance contact person, a review of energy consumption and other operating data at the facility. A detailed Level 2 audit includes a complete description of the facility, equipment inventory, energy balance, and power logging  in order to analyze the facility’s energy consumption. 



Commercial Facilities Commitments

  • Appointing a contact person from the Operation and Maintenance Department for sharing facility data.
  • Provide the necessary information and data required to carry out the Level 1 energy audit.
  • Provide necessary information, share data, and fill out the required forms to carry out a detailed energy audit


To Register

Please fill out the form ( click here


Pilot Project Road Map



Fact Base


Level 1 Energy Audits


Level 2 Energy Audits


Workshops & Reports



·  Establishing Criteria for Buildings Classification

·  Commercial Buildings Classification

·  Determination of sample size

·  Meeting with beneficiaries

·  Collecting required data for the study.


·  Meeting with beneficiaries



·  Conduct level 1 energy audit studies for each sub-sector within the commercial buildings.


·  Execution of detailed energy audits


·   Identification of types and opportunities for energy efficiency solutions


·  Preparing a final report on the results of each phase carried out in the project.




·   Preparing a database which includes building types, numbers and statistics of energy consumption rates.


·  A detailed report that summarizes the overall results of each sub-sector within the commercial sector and classifies buildings according to consumption and energy saving opportunities.


·    A detailed report on energy savings opportunities and recommended measurement and verification plans for each measure.


·  A comprehensive report on each stage of the project and conducting workshops with all beneficiaries to share with them the important outputs.