About Energy Services Companies

 SEEC aims to prepare the needed environment for service providers and recipients in the Kingdom’s promising market to ensure the quality of energy service companies. SEEC ensures the capability of the energy service companies by applying the licensing system.
SEEC also works on rehabilitating energy service companies by licensing investors who are interested in this sector after meeting the licensing requirement for ESCOs. The license allows companies to practice the commercial activities registered in the national guide for commercial activities (ISIC4), in addition to gaining available investment opportunities in executing energy audits and building retrofits in the commercial and private sector and raising the energy efficiencies in industrial facilities


SEEC offers 3 types of licenses:
  • Audit Companies license: An energy audit company is a company that identifies operational and equipment improvements for buildings that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performance, moreover companies under audit license can work as independent third-party M&V agent in contracts using the ESPC (Energy Saving Performance Contract) approach
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCO): An energy service company is a company that provide the first license type activities as well as design and engineering of energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency project management.
  • Industrial Energy Audit companies: An industrial energy audit company is a company that provide energy auditing for production lines of petrochemical, steel, cement … etc., as well as reviewing data, energy audits and energy design review services for industrial facilities.


Regarding awareness-raising efforts in this sector, SEEC works periodically to provide number of workshops to guide service beneficiaries who are planning to obtain energy efficiency services for their facilities in buildings or industrial sectors.

Moreover, SEEC approved the KSA M&V user guide, which consider as the technical reference for energy efficiency projects in the Kingdom, as it clarifies the basis of measurements & verification of energy savings to guarantee the rights of all parties involved in the project, whether from service providers or beneficiaries.