New Plants Requirements


Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) is responsible for the demand-side energy efficiency effort in the Kingdom with the mission to improve domestic energy consumption.


All the upcoming new plants under Petrochemicals; Iron& Steel and Cement sub sectors which are either in planning, design or engineering phase are required to meet the energy intensity targets for the new plants.


  • The energy intensity design of the new plant shall reach (or outperform) their respective average of 1st quartiles based on the latest available benchmark.
  • The plants (production processes ) in the petrochemical sub-sector that have no energy intensity benchmark, designs shall comply with SEEC Best Available Techniques (BAT ) requirements.

Initial Requirements

New plants are required to meet the following initial requirements

  1. Connect with SEEC to seek the detailed requirements for their plants i.e. targets, BAT checklist; focal point appointment; document submission requirements; requirements during basic design; detailed design and operation phase etc.
  2. Comply with the detailed requirements as mentioned in item (a)
  3. Provide truthful (complete and error-free) data as requested by SEEC and seek any clarification/information from SEEC


  • An enforcement joint-agreement between SEEC and the government entities is in place to implement the penalties in case of non- compliance with the SEEC requirements.
  • The government entities participating in the enforcement joint-agreement are: SEEC, MEIM, ECRA, PME, ECA, Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON), RCJY, SASO, SAGIA, CMA and SIDF.


To start the process, each company/new plant shall assign a focal point with the following responsibilities:

  1. Follow-up to fulfill SEEC Energy intensity requirements by the company
  2. Provide any requested information/clarifications by SEEC
  3. Communicate all SEEC activities/requirements to the management of the company
The company should contact SEEC at the following email address: for all communication purposes which includes getting the detailed requirements, any clarifications and next steps etc.

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