In order the achieve the first objective of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, embodied in establishing a comprehensive national program to rationalize and enhance energy consumption and required plans, the Center’s Administrative Committee confirmed assigning a subcommittee from the Administrative one to prepare program’s project, chaired by Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and membered by thirteen members from the Administrative Committee. Coordination and cooperation concept between subcommittee members was essential basic of its work, so that all aforementioned concerned agencies have members in the technical teams. This program reflects the efforts of each governmental entity and its practical experience in its own specialty. Moreover, the program id involved in developing the ways of providing the possible and supporting resources to activate program’s initiatives, including the way of following up the programs, governance, exchange mechanisms, and follow up by the concerned agencies to ensure achieving the objectives, which the initiatives are established for. Hopefully, this program should be issued upon completion as a rationalization and enhancement of energy consumption system in Saudi Arabia, in order to guarantee the execution and implementation as followed in many developed and undeveloped countries. In addition, this program shall guarantee cooperation between the various governmental agencies, which will be responsible its on execution and implementation, according to its own responsibility.
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