1- Professional certificates and training programs:

SEEC organizes professional and several programs in the field of energy management, efficiency, auditing in partnership with global organizations such as USA Association of Energy engineers. These programs include:

  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)
  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)
  • Energy preservation in buildings and factories
  • An orientation symposium "energy efficiency and management"


2- University education
  • Introduce a curriculum on energy efficiency for students of engineering colleges in universities. This curriculum is currently included in (13) universities, including but not limited to: King Abdulaziz University, King Saud University, King Fahd University and Qassim University, and the University of Tabuk. Applying such curriculum in the remaining universities is in progress.
  • Consolidate efforts between SEEC and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation to utilize the outputs of technical and vocational training in the field of energy efficiency.


3- Training the government personnel

SEEC provides training to the competent officers in the government agencies in the light of the Royal Decree No. 5604 dated 05 Saffar 1439H on reviewing the rationalization mechanism of electricity consumption in the government sector to:

  • Increase the efficiency of employees of government agencies to comply with periodic and preventive maintenance, contributing to increasing the efficiency of energy consumption in government buildings.
  • Identify the technical specifications for devices used in the government buildings.