01 March

3 day

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An authorized energy auditor is the person who analyzes and assesses how to use energy in a facility, identifies energy conservation opportunities, and makes recommendations that lead to a reduction in energy consumption or suitability that is consistent with the needs of the facility.


  • Improve professional standards for energy auditing workers
  • Improve the way in which energy auditing procedures are implemented by encouraging energy auditors to enroll in the continuing educational development program
  • Identify persons who have the necessary and sufficient managerial experience in the principles and procedures for energy auditing by conducting a test for workers in this field to ensure their ability to meet the specific requirements for implementing energy auditing procedures
  • Grant certificates of excellence to experts who demonstrate high levels of ability, efficiency and ethical commitment during the implementation of energy conservation auditing procedures


The American Association of Energy Engineers, AEE, in cooperation with the EVO Energy Valuation Organization has created the Eligibility Specialist program

The applicant must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

Educational qualification

Work experience

To have an educational certificate * related to a four-year study period, to be an accredited engineer, or to be a registered architect

In addition, he must have relevant work experience * of 3 years duration for any of the three cases

To have an educational certificate that is not * related to a four-year study period

In addition, he has 5 years of relevant work experience *

Must have a two-year association certificate

In addition to a 5-year relevant work experience *

If he does not have an educational certificate

then 10 years of relevant experience * must be provided

He is currently a Certified Energy Manager CEM®


  • The word certificate (relevant) means to be a degree in science, engineering, architecture, business administration, law, finance, law or any related specialization. As for the word (relevant), means expertise in energy, buildings, facilities management, or measurement and verification procedures.

Option for obtaining a certificate (certified measurement and verification specialist - under training):

And for those who do not meet the above eligibility conditions and criteria, they still have the option of obtaining a CMVP-IT (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional - under training) certificate. And to obtain this certificate, you must attend the preparatory training course to obtain a CMVP Certified Measurement and Verification Professional certification and pass the scheduled exam. The CMVP-IT (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional - under training) Certification Specialist is valid for a period of six years, which is sufficient time to complete all the eligibility criteria that enable you to obtain the Certified Energy Auditor certification (CEA).