Today, under the hash tag #لتبقى, Saudi Energy Efficiency Center launches his largest awareness campaign of energy saving

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April 2, 2018 Events & Activities 3072 مشاهدات

Today, Saudi Energy Efficiency Center launched its largest awareness campaign; it aims to explain the importance of rationalizing energy consumption and its optimal use at every moment to ensure its continued growth and survival for us and our children without any impact on the welfare of citizens.

The campaign is the main one among other awareness campaigns of Saudi Energy Efficiency Center that has been launched annually since 2014 as part of its efforts to cooperate with several government agencies working as one system to coordinate their efforts to control the increase in energy consumption in Saudi Arabia under the umbrella of the Saudi program for energy efficiency that aims to reduce the Excessive energy consumption, and raise energy efficiency.

The five-week campaign presents energy and consumption changes over the past decades, and how to maintain them to achieve many of the current and future positive impacts to keep energy available for us and for our children. The campaign is consolidating many concepts and behaviors related to energy saving by presenting all the messages and advice provided by previous awareness campaigns of Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency to raise awareness and change the community behaviors of energy consumption to save energy and reduce electricity and fuel bills.

The campaign (#LITABQA) focuses on many of the Center's initiatives, including capacity development and rehabilitation of local energy efficiency personnel. The campaign also provides information and statistics on energy consumption in buildings, lands and industrial sectors, then make comparisons between vehicles and air conditioners in terms of electricity and fuel consumption. The campaign shows results of monitoring tours at the customs outlets, local factories and warehouses that took place during the years 2014-2017 in order to apply technical specifications and standards related to energy efficiency.

The campaign (Energy remains for us and for our kids (#LITABQA)) aims to reach out to various groups and members of the society in the cities of Saudi Arabia through the use of all means of communication available to the traditional media of newspapers, radio and satellite channels. The campaign will also focus on social networks and famous websites along with various road plates in all cities of Saudi Arabia. All information and guidelines of rationalize energy consumption can be accessed through the website ( ) .

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