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March 13, 2018 energy sectors 5088 مشاهدات

Many challenges face energy efficiency efforts in land transportation sector in Saudi Arabia, as this sector is suffering from excessive fuel consumption. This necessitates working promptly to stop this consumption excessiveness, and spread culture of energy consumption rationalization in general, and fuel consumption rationalization in particular. These challenges include:

Fuel low price:
Fuel price in Saudi Arabia is one of the lowest in the world (following Venezuela and Iran), which minimize consumers’ interests in fuel consumption rationalization.

Low efficiency of currently used vehicles

Consumers in Saudi Arabia prefer big engine vehicles regardless real necessity, and regardless fuel consumption standards and efficiency.

Unavailability of alternative land transportation means.

Unavailability of comfortable, high quality public transportation alternatives and means, as well as lacking rail terminals for fast and comfortable train between cities, and comfortable high quality public buses to connect the main cities, in addition to lack of interest in importing high efficiency vehicles in what related to fuel consumption, all these factors increased the problem of energy high consumption in this sector.

Energy consumption rationalization methods in transportation sector: :

  • Using big vehicles and those of big engines increase fuel consumption.
  • Performance of diesel operated vehicle is not different than those who are operated by gas, in addition to being more fuel efficient.
  • Old vehicles are cheap; nevertheless, they are costly in maintenance and fuel consumption.
  • Try to perform a bunch of tasks in one trip to conserve fuel.
  • Engine size and cylinder number does not reflect engine’s real power.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle as it conserves fuel.
  • Use cruise control when driving on highways, as it conserves fuel.
  • Pay attention to speed limits. Increasing speed from 100km/h to 140km/h means increase fuel consumption for 25-30%.
  • Check tire pressure constantly, as it enhances fuel consumption up to 6%.
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