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March 13, 2018 energy sectors 7194 مشاهدات

Industrial sector consumption of energy is 15% of the total local consumption, and petrochemicals, steel, and cement represents 85% of total energy consumption in industry. According to the data provided by the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, electricity consumption in the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was expected to reach /50009/ gigawatt/hour in 2011, which means that the industrial sector consumes approx. 22% of electricity production. Industrial sector face many challenges that hinder the efforts of increasing energy efficiency as it is in the other sectors, which can be epitomized as following: Low fuel price encourages paying no attention to energy efficiency upon buying industrial equipment and devices. Deficiency of trained expertise and skills in energy efficiency field, due to lack of focus on this field previously. Many old factories still working and using old technologies with low efficiency in energy consumption. Very little number of companies that adopt internal policies of energy efficiency. Insufficiency in the governmental regulations necessary to monitor and encourage energy efficiency programs in the industrial sector. * According to Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, electricity sales to the industrial sector in 2011 were /47000/ gigawatt/hour, i.e. 20% increase than the total sales to the industrial sector in 2007.


Some ways that can be used to enhance energy efficiency in the industrial sector (in addition to the points mentioned in the website::

  • Develop control systems in production process and use computers.
  • Use high efficiency engines.
  • Set programs for energy management including lost energy recovery.
  • Use cleaner fuel (for example natural gas instead of coke)
  • Prevent heat leakage from heating and melting devices.
  • Enhance usage efficiency of the final consumer.
  • Use updated technologies in heating and melting field.
  • Create specialized unit to monitor loads, and implement methods of enhancing electrical power usage efficiency.
  • Make use of energy audit company to check consumption and define saving locations.
  • As for petrochemicals field, which is one of the most important, basic, and effective industries in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are some - Setting standards and requirements for new plants, and can be identified by pressing here


methods that can be applied to enhance energy efficiency:

- Form specialized team in rationalization issues.

- Focus on regular maintenance programs.

- Focus on thermal complementarity by utilizing all lost heat.

- Conduct comprehensive observation for all operations and outcomes on production lines to solve any problem instantly.

- Some technologies which are being used globally to enhance energy efficiency: Example: copper industry: Using microprocessors that can control energy input and other inputs. This technology contributes enhancing facility’s efficiency. Using this device proves high efficiency in mineral industries, especially copper. It saves 5-10 % of the total consumed energy. Example: petrochemical industry: Use updated technologies in control and communication, including computerized simulation systems. Use computerized technologies. In cement industry, to use variable frequently drive, in addition to use some materials that help in grinding process, such as Mono Ethylene Glycol. Moreover, some updated manufacturing methods might be used which depends on using pre-calcified materials. In glass industry: In electric boosting: using update technologies including electrical reheating, using oxygenated air in burning, and preheating of Kaolinite and the mixture as well by using heat of the gases emissions in air.

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