General Manager Letter

Dr. Nayef bin Mohammed Al-Abadi

The energy sector in Saudi Arabia is facing significant challenges as a result of growing domestic energy consumption, which is even increased beyond the international rates. This growth in the energy consumption increases at an annual rate of about 5 per cent. It is expected, according to this consumption augmentation, that domestic energy demand will be doubled by 2030 compared to the current consumption.
Because of such situation, since about a decade, the concerned authorities in the kingdom has begun to find solutions in order to streamline and improve the efficiency of energy consumption in all sectors. These efforts became an organized and coordinated national action after the establishment of the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency by decision of the Council of Ministers No. (363) dated 24 November 1431. This decision came in order to combine the work of all authorities related to energy awareness and improving energy consumption in the kingdom. This was accomplished through the management committee of the center which includes all sectors related to energy efficiency in the Kingdom. This committee was chaired by the chairmanship of King Abdulaziz city for Science and technology. The efforts of these sector were toward one direction that contributed to the success of the energy efficiency programs in the Kingdom in the foreseeable future.
From this standpoint, the Saudi Center will operate in accordance with the tasks entrusted with the development of policies, regulations and regulations governing the consumption of energy as well as supporting implementation of the energy consumption programs. The center will also support integration of stakeholder’s efforts toward improving energy consumption as well as coordination with them. In addition, the center will work toward promotion of social and official awareness of the public in the area of energy conservation, improving the efficiency of energy consumption, and participation in the implementation of some pilot projects carried out by the Kingdom in the field of energy which requires the participation of the center.
The center is expected to encounter many challenges during the coming period. Among these is to work toward achieving the main objectives of the center represented by energy consumption awareness. It is worth mentioning, that this task requires considerable and organized efforts and coordination in order to reach the various segments of society and its institutions. The launch of the new website for the center came to constitute a window through which many awareness messages can be directed to the general public, as well as constructive interaction with interested professionals on the issue of improving the efficiency of energy consumption, in a way that serves and enhances the performance of the center mission.
Finally, I would like to emphasize that the success of this center in achieving its objectives and aspirations of the great future requires concerted efforts, and the exchange of views and ideas. Thus, the center and through these electronic window welcomes all suggestion or cooperation that would serve its objectives, and achieve the public benefits.

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