Air conditioners Card

Energy efficient air-conditioners Card

Air conditioners card plays an important role in the consumer briefing with basic information about the most efficient and streamlined device electric power compatible with the standards issued by the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality.

Energy efficiency card prominently show the number of stars that begins in conditioners curling Three stars "the minimum in the first phase" leading to six starlets, while the start-conditioners Split of the four stars of "minimal in the first phase," the six actresses, as each star on the card means saving 10% of energy, whether in hardware or net Split.

The air-conditioning poster has a number of technical data that will explain:

1. The model number and brand.

2. The minimum energy efficiency and it depends on the type and capacity of air-condition and shows through the red tape in the card poster.

3. The proportion of energy efficiency (EER).

4. The annual energy consumption (kwh / year).

5. Cooling Capacity (Btu / year(.

6. Heating Capacity (watt).

7. Electrical income capability (kw).

8. Date of issuance and registration number.

9. Number of stars of the effectiveness of energy efficiency and the more stars indicate increasing efficiency and lower power consumption. \

10. Authority for Standards and Metrology logo.

11. Rapid Response Code (QR).

12. Statutory formula.

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