Achieve what it aims to raise the price, but without lifting! ... Gasoline Price: between lifting and stability

Will the support for the price of gasoline be raised ? Question arises of urgency after we hearing that the period of support is nearing to complete . Currently, petrol is sold at a price in the UK are among the lowest in the world, even compared to other GCC countries, richer and less populated and smaller geographical area. There is no doubt that there are indications that there is waste in the use of gasoline, and even cases of smuggled across borders in order to take advantage of the price difference. The point here is that we first have to deal with the waste, and abuse. In the outcome will lead to throw «two birds» stone; reduce the quantities consumed, leading to improved efficiency on the one hand, and on the other hand, the reduction of subsidies on the state treasury cost .

Perhaps seeking to increase efficiency is a higher priority effect of raising the price of gasoline directly, increasing efficiency is required where one would not argue, but to raise the price it would be controversial and widely considerations most important to the most important part of the gasoline used is transferable, that means , the basis for the movement of people is the car, which depends on gasoline consumption and a lot of it, given that the bulk of imported cars are not efficient in energy use, and the vast space of our cities as a result of its expansion to the horizontal, and the long distances as a result of the expansion of the country. Do not miss the reminder that the rate of population growth in the UK is high as a result of normal growth caused by reproduction, as well as due to the growth in the recruitment of foreign labor. All these make the pursuit of raising the fuel efficiency, specifically motor fuel, and essential prerequisite to talk about raising gasoline prices. linked to the achievement of this requirement, the efforts of the national program for energy efficiency, which was the fruit of his signature in December 2014 memorandums of understanding between the most car manufacturers in the world and the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology, and the announcement that the Authority will issue the Saudi standard for fuel efficiency in January 2015 ( ) to become effective and binding after a year later, in January 2016. it should be noted that raising the efficiency is not limited to personal cars only, but seeks to compel working in the field of iron, cement and petrochemical standards and the requirements of the approved energy efficiency by the administrative Committee of the Saudi Center for energy efficiency in industry companies King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and technology, and indeed it was agreed that the work of eleven government entity, including the center mechanism to ensure the implementation and activation of these standards and requirements to ensure the commitment of all existing plants energy efficiency requirements, which aim to reach the levels of global indicators for energy efficiency taking advantage of the flexibility mechanism prepared by the program, and lending facilities that have been agreed upon with the Saudi Industrial development Fund, which note to this effect was signed recently with the program.

In spite of the critical importance of rationalizing which is not enough, the necessary requirement to reduce the fuel consumption is to provide an integrated system of public transport within cities and between them, So it could replace the private car , or that rivaled serious competition. In the absence of the inside of our cities, the system would be difficult to practice, thinking to raise the price of gasoline, given that the price reduction was basically to ease the transportation costs back to work or to transport pupils to schools or going the young to university or for the purposes of social networking and to work on the diversity.
Thus, we find that what is advanced in priority to raise the price is to enhance efficiency on the one hand, this will lead to lower consumption, as well as the construction of the system of public transportation within cities, which in turn will promote the reduction, bringing the goal of raising the price of gasoline is achieved, but without raising the price.

Dr.. Ihsan Bu-Hulaiga
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