The Center holds a workshop on opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency and management

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April 2, 2018 Events & Activities 548 مشاهدات

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center held a workshop titled "Energy Efficiency and Management: Opportunities and Benefits" at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, in which the training initiatives of the Center were organized in cooperation with the competent international organizations in the field of energy efficiency. The workshop dealt with a number of topics, mainly introducing the center and its initiatives and training programs in the field of rationalization and raising the efficiency of energy consumption to qualify the local cadres in dealing with the latest developments of energy saving systems. The induction was presented by Engineer Abdul Hakim Al-Hamash from the Department of Capacity Development and Rehabilitation in the Center. 

Then Dr. Thamer Al Qathami, lecturer at King Abdul Aziz University and a certified energy manager, gave a presentation on the training programs offered by the center (CEM - CEA - CMVP) in collaboration with the American Energy Engineers Association (AEE) and the techniques and applications used in each program, in addition to introducing opportunities of rationalization energy consumption and the importance of These programs in reducing energy costs.

This workshop is part of a series of training programs, workshops and lectures organized by the Center in Saudi Arabia as part of its tasks in the training aspect to qualify Saudi cadres in the field of energy efficiency and enhance their technical capabilities.

Saudi Energy Efficiency Center was established by the Council of Ministers decision No. 363 dated 24 Thu Al-Qiida 1431 A.H. that mandated the transfer of National Energy Efficiency and Rationalization Program (temporary) in King AbdulAziz City for Sciences and Technology to a permanent national center, in the line of the administrative organization of the city, called “Saudi Energy Efficiency City”, connected directly by City’s president. The Center is supervised by an administrative committee headed by president of King AbdulAziz City for Sciences and Technology, and membership of some concerned agencies.

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